Meet Patty Bassett

Patty Bassett is constantly looking for ways to become involved and help her community. Patty joined Project W because she loved the idea of a women’s giving circle helping local women and children in need. As a Founding Member of Project W, Patty has been a valuable member of the Education Committee. She has really enjoyed the opportunity to award excellent organizations doing amazing work. Patty also appreciates being able to directly impact individuals, like when Project W sponsored Christmas gifts and wrapped them for a family receiving support through The Breathing Room Foundation, a recipient of a 2019 Project W Grant. Patty also supports Horizons at EA, Camphill Foundation, Williams College, and The Episcopal Academy. 

With COVID-19 raging through our communities and affecting so many economically Patty knew she had to do something to help. This is when she founded Together We Can, TWC, a grassroots effort of friends and neighbors helping families in need by providing meals, groceries, and other essential supplies. TOGETHER WE CAN is a registered non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization focused on tackling food insecurity in our local communities one family at a time. 
To learn more go to: Together We Can

Patty Bassett shown in the middle with her son Chris and daughter Lauren

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