Who We Are

A small group of community-minded women were looking for a way to improve the lives of women in Delaware County.  The intention was to create a women’s giving circle where members pool resources, collectively explore the community’s needs, and then decide together how to distribute resources for maximum impact.  

One founding member observed that “one person’s donation may seem insignificant, but when we pool many donations, the grants become something that an organization can use to launch a new project or sustain a vital one.”

Our members live in and outside of Delaware County, span decades from those in our 20’s and beyond.  While we come from many backgrounds and perspectives, one commonality is our deep commitment to helping women and families who are struggling in our community.  By pooling our resources, we can make a great impact in their lives. 

Founded in 2019, Project W awarded $35,000 to three organizations: Pathways PA, The Breathing Room Foundation, and Women’s Resource Center. In 2020, Project W awarded $48,500 to Delaware Community College, Valley Youth House, and Delaware County Women Against Rape (DCWAR).