Meet Kathleen Mark

One of Project W’s strengths comes from the diversity of its members bringing their collective experiences and shared commitment to helping women and families in need. There are several members who have invited their daughters to join Project W. It’s wonderful when mothers and daughters can do projects together, and even better when those projects involve helping others. 

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to one of our younger members, Kathleen Mark, daughter of Quyen Mark. Kathleen is a 17-year old completing her junior year at The Episcopal Academy. I asked Kathleen how she was coping with the current Corona Virus pandemic situation. Like other children her age Kathleen has shown great resilience in adjusting to remote learning but of course misses seeing her friends. However, that is not stopping her from helping others during these difficult times.

I wanted to learn more about a recent community project that Kathleen and her mother organized. Kathleen shared that she and her mom reached out to Project W to find out which specific organizations needed support during the COVID-19 crisis. Together they prepared Easter baskets for two organizations: Family Promise of Delaware County and for the healthcare staff at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. 

Kathleen assembling Easter baskets

Kathleen shared that her mother, Quyen, came to the United States from Vietnam as a refugee. Quyen and her family benefitted enormously from the kindness of families and organizations providing help and support to them when they first arrived in the United States. For this reason, today Kathleen and Quyen are inspired to give back to their community.  Kathleen points out that one of the benefits of joining an organization like Project W is that Project W can provide guidance for where to volunteer and where to direct donations.

Kathleen is not new to philanthropy. She is also involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Although, she was recently disappointed with the cancellation of their April fundraiser fashion show event at Nieman Marcus she has found other outlets to get involved in. Kathleen started an Artist Co-op Club in her school. The members of the club create art, they sell the art, and the proceeds go to organizations in need. They currently have an on-going project of making cards for healthcare workers and kids with cancer through the Scarlett Family Foundation. 

It was refreshing and inspiring to meet a young person with so much enthusiasm for helping others and to know what great role models both Kathleen and her mom are.

Daughter and Mother Members of Project W: Kathleen and Quyen