Project W Announces Grant Award Winners for 2019

Project W selected the winners of their 2019 Grant Cycle at their first annual event held on October 30th. Project W is a Giving Circle, of women, that donate to a pooled fund, collectively explore the community’s needs, then decide together how to distribute the Giving Circle’s funds for maximum impact.

Smiling Faces of Project W members welcomed our members and 2019 finalists to the 1st Annual Project W Meeting

Upon joining Project W members are asked to join one of three committees: Health, Education, and Family. After sorting through this year’s worthwhile applications one finalist was selected in each of the committees.

These three finalist organizations, The Breathing Room Foundation, Pathways PA, and Women’s Resource Center Foundation, gave brief presentations at the annual event.

And the winner of the high impact award is…

Congratulations to Pathways PA who won first place for the high award grant. Pathways PA will utilize a $21,000 grant to host financial literacy courses.  The Pathways to Higher Education program assists low income women in Delaware County in building the financial assets necessary to pursue education goals for themselves and/or their children.  Each year, Pathways PA benefits over 4,500 women, children, and families through job training, employment assistance, and self-sufficiency services that break the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and abuse.

Pathways PA

Women’s Resource Center and The Breathing Room Foundation each received $7,000 grants for their respective organizations.

Women’s Resource Center will utilize the $7,000 grant to hire a new Counselor/Resource Coordinator. The organization currently has a waiting list for services, and this new hire will help to ensure all DelCo women’s needs are being met.  The mission of Women’s Resource Center is to help women and girls successfully navigate transitions.

Women’s Resource Center

The Breathing Room Foundation will utilize the $7,000 grant to offer support to low income Delaware County women and families who are afflicted with cancer.  Support is offered in various forms: food, medical supplies, co-pay assistance, transportation to medical appointments, utility assistance, and programs that provide “normalcy” for the families.  The Breathing Room Foundation’s mission is to provide a bit of “breathing room” for families facing cancer. 

The Breathing Room
Celebrating the Winners of the Project W 2019 Grants

In just 10 months the founders and members of Project W created a community of like minded women who shared the common objective of helping women in need. The event on October 30th marked the culmination of Project W members’ dedication, commitment, and hard work resulting in awarding grants totaling $35,000 to three wonderful organizations working to improve the lives of women. Last night was an inspiration to all Project W members to continue with their mission:

Project W is committed to enhancing and improving the quality of life for women in Delaware County, through collective giving, by women.