Project W Members Review Grant Applications

Upon joining Project W, members were invited to join one of three Grant Committees in the areas of Health, Education, and Family. Members were also invited to attend one of two training sessions held in September on how to evaluate grant applications.

With the 2019 Grant Application Submission process completed, members were asked as individuals to review the Grant applications pertaining to their area of interest. This first evaluation was followed by committee meetings where members discussed all of the applications and nominated one finalist for each committee. The three finalists will be notified by mid October.

The next step will take place at our annual meeting scheduled for October 30, 2019. Each finalist organization will make a brief presentation of their grant proposal to the members. This will be followed by a rank voting. The organization with the majority support will be awarded the high impact grant and the two remaining organizations will receive grants of smaller value. 

A big thank you to all the Project W members who dedicated their time and effort and participated in Project W’s first Grant Application evaluations.