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Women in Delaware County launch ‘Project W’ giving circle

Primos Daily Times – 03/07/2019 – Community Section

RIDLEY >> A group of civic minded women from all over Delaware County gathered at the Ridley Township Public Library last week to officially kick off a giving circle. “Project W” follows the giving circle pattern where groups of individuals donate to a pooled fund, collectively explore the community’s needs, then decide together how to distribute the funds for maximum impact. The ProjectW founding members met and brought their hearts, minds and checkbooks to decide how to improve the lives of other women and families in Delaware County.

“Women are very passionate about serving and supporting worthy causes especially those that involve the needs of underprivileged or disadvantaged women,” says Project W vice-chairperson Soly McLaughlin. Founding member Romie Griesmer may seem insignificant, but when we pool many donations, the grants become large enough for a non-profit to launch new projects, purchase needed equipment or sustain a vital effort.”

According to Project W chairperson Kim D’Ambrosio, Project W jumped out the starting gate with an initial goal to recruit 50 like-minded women by June 2019. But, as word spreads, women are responding so quickly that this goal may be surpassed before the end of March. “It seems ProjectW is fulfilling an unmet need. Talented women of energy and passion are longing to collaborate,” she explained.

Project W will operate under The Community’s Foundation’s (TCF) charitable umbrella. Operating as a program of TCF allows members to focus on their core priority: improving and enhancing the quality of life for women in Delaware County. TCF offers administrative, legal, and financial services to a variety of community-minded groups across Delaware County, as a means to empower every-day citizens to take philanthropy into their own hands.

Women can learn more about Project W at or by emailing ProjectW@TCFhelps. org/. Anyone interested in seeking TCF’s support to launch their own charitable endeavor can call TCFat 610-461-6571. Project W.

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